Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consistent, reliable and predictable supply to cannabis products manufacturers and dispensaries. We are focused on building long-term supply chain partnerships with key customers.

We have invested heavily in building state-of-the-art commercial horticulture facilities and labs, designed to scale and operate with optimal efficiency.


We are obsessed with compliance, as our customers cannot afford the risk of recall or a disruption of supply. We consistently set the “high score” on compliance audits from numerous sources. Further, we have never had a recall, and our pesticide testing results are 100% negative.

OEM Solutions

We supply OEM products and services to various brands, but our focus is “quiet competence” on behalf of our customers. We utilize enterprise-class ERP technology and process manufacturing best practices to support extraction, cultivation, compliance, distribution, and detailed financial reporting for our customers.

Our ownership/equity group provides access to other players in the cannabis space that can provide unique access and complementary services to our customers (Print Media, Venture Capital, Branding Opportunities and more).


We have a proven track record for quality, compliance, and consistency.

Our Mission

Our B:B supplier mission is uniquely focused on building long-term supply chain partnerships


Our ERP platform supports tremendous flexibility, reliability, and transparency in distribution


All of our packaging is labeled in full compliance with MED requirements, including METRC package tags.