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439 North Commercial Street Trinidad Colorado 81082 US

When Amendment 64 passed in Colorado, it seemed everyone wanted to get into the industry. Dreams of instant wealth were enticing. However, few realized that this industry takes enormous dedication and financial backing. As a group of entrepreneurs and business owners in southern Colorado, we thought this over and decided to take our time and build a successful business with the best possible practices.

We decided quality flower is where success begins for a dispensary. We started our business by establishing a grow operation that would provide the highest quality flower available. Genetics is the key to growing amazing flower. After exploring the Colorado market, we noticed most dispensaries were carrying flower and strains that were all very similar. We wanted something different and incredible. After researching the best possible genetics available we were led to Northern California.

After many meetings and “sampling”, we chose a line of strains and genetics that were not found in Colorado. We acquired over 100 unique seeds and moved forward. Some strains you’ll recognize like our 29% Blue dream. Yes, I said 29%! What the ****! Look for it in upcoming Cannabis Cups, plus other strains you may not have heard of. Variety is the spice of life!

Next came our research into the best grow operation procedures. We were trying to decide whether to use High Density Output (HDO) lights or pure LED. HDO has been the standard for decades and LED’s are relatively new to the grow arena. We set up an experiment to test them both. We also decided to test our dirt formula as well. Taking clones from the same mother, we set up 2 rooms. One was HDO and the other LED. We also divided both rooms up using the standard ‘super soil” that was popular at the time and a dirt mixture we developed ourselves. In the end our own dirt formula far exceeded the “super soil” formula. As far as HDO versus LED, we ultimately went 100% LED. Our experiment showed us that the LED plants didn’t stretch nearly as much as the HDO plants. There was a shorter distance between nodes, and the trichome production was much more dense. Basically these gals were FULL of “crystals”. Blew our minds. LED it was!

With our operation practices in place we were ready to build our grow facility. Based in the heart of Pueblo, Colorado, we went to work and Herbal Gardens was born. Although we went with pure LED lights, we also cut openings into the roof of the facility with retractable doors that open and allow natural light into the rooms. Adding in a little mother nature never hurts and these are her babies after all. Cleanliness, functionality and compliance were at the forefront of the design. After months of hard work, we were ready to grow.