402R-00408, 105 East 7th Avenue, Denver CO 80203
700 Lincoln Street Denver Colorado 80203 US

Premium marijuana dispensaries and clone stores at one of the most desired locations in Denver Colorado for local members and recreational clients.

Medical Members; 9 out of 10 members renew every year! Due to our great prices, amazing staff, and incredible product. Recreational Clients; 21 and older? We can walk you through the basics and educate you on why so many drive such a long way to experience our top shelf bud grown with patented technology. PreOrder from our huge selection…If we don’t have it and you want it? We will make you happy. High potency concentrates, oils, waxes, vape pens, joints, gummies, cookies, sodas, juices, always a consistent enjoyable selections of high end marijuana products. Clones; 30 Day guarantee with a Professional in my pocket and I can try it before I grow it? Call your nearby budtender and schedule a time for a detailed rundown on our products and never feel rushed… Ever.