V3 Oil Quality

We are located in beautiful Salida, Colorado alongside the headwaters of the Arkansas River. V3 Oil contains absolutely no foreign additives or cutting agents. Our CO2 extraction process produces a refined, consistent oil for a clean draw. Our input material comes strictly from our own cultivation, Pure Greens and our strategic sourcing partners.

For more information about our advanced cultivation facilities, visit www.PureGreens.com.

A Unique Location

Our unique location at 7,143 ft. yields distinct advantages; clean mountain water, ample room for greenhouse cultivation and future facility expansions.

Those who have invested the time to visit and tour our greenhouses, our facility and meet our team are blown away by the plants, people, process, technology; and our steadfast commitment to quality, consistency, compliance and our customers.

Connecting Products and Ideas

We have invested heavily in building state-of-the-art commercial horticulture facilities and labs, designed to scale and operate with optimal efficiency.