:: V3Oil Statement ::

At V3Oil our top priorities are to provide safe products and to stay in compliance with the MED’s regulations which are set in place to safely regulate Colorado’s marijuana market.  To be as transparent as possible about our products we would like to disclose the following breakdown of our process:

  • We only use our own greenhouse grown flower as the source biomass for all our extractions.
  • We use sub-zero (-110F) ethanol extraction to wash the biomass. The process is run very cold to prevent chlorophyll, waxes and similar substances from getting into the hash oil mixture.
  • After extraction, the hash oil solution is run through the rotary-evaporator (roto-vape) to distill out all the ethanol solvent used in the extraction process. The solution is heated causing the ethanol to convert to gas which is recaptured in a condensing coil for later use.  The remaining solution is a thick and crude hash-oil.
  • Next, the oil is collected into pans and decarboxylated in a table top oven. During this step of the process the THC is activated and any remaining ethanol is off gassed and vents to atmosphere.
  • The oil is then run through activated carbon to filter out trace proteins, chlorophyll, flavonoids and sugars.
  • At this point of the process the oil is collected and transferred to the Short Path Still. Here we molecularly isolate and collect cannabinoids and compounds based on their unique boiling points and molecular weights.  The result is a light-colored clear THC distillate.  Pure distillate is the final step for V3Distillate.
  • Samples of the final product are collected and sent to state accredited third party labs to test for residual solvents, potency, toxins, pesticides and more.
  • After all tests are passed, plant-based terpenes are carefully selected and added to the hash oil. We limit terpene additions to 5%, often less, of the final hash-oil product. This product is then resubmitted to the third-party testing labs with terpenes in place to ensure the final product meets all MED standards.
  • V3Oils are 1:1 combinations of ethanol extract and distillate.
  • We do not add any cutting agents to our products (this includes but is not limited to all PGs, MCTs, PEGs, Vitamin E acetate).

If you would like to know more about the V3Oil process, have any questions concerning our production process or would like to come and tour our facility in person, please reach out and we would be more that happy to welcome you into our home.

Thank you for your concern and best regards,

The V3Oil Team

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We are located in beautiful Salida, Colorado alongside the headwaters of the Arkansas River. V3 Oil contains absolutely no foreign additives or cutting agents. Our CO2 extraction process produces a refined, consistent oil for a clean draw. Our input material comes strictly from our own cultivation, Pure Greens and our strategic sourcing partners.

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Our mission is to provide consistent, reliable and predictable supply to cannabis products manufacturers and dispensaries. We are focused on building long-term supply chain partnerships with key customers.

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